Sharon L Merchant

 Sharon is a tea-obsessed, English-born, slightly nomadic mother of two.  She spent the first 10 years of her adult life wandering around the globe, (through 52 countries), while having a base of sorts in Bulgaria. Along the way she did a strange assortment of things, from studying linguistics to caring for donkeys. All the while drawing, visiting tattoo studios and going to conventions around the globeā€¦ all the while clinging to the idea that one day She would be a tattooist.

In 2013, she finally began tattooing by apprenticing at Icon Tattoo under Craig Draper, to whom she is eternally grateful. After several years of traveling and working as a guest artist all over Europe, a change in circumstances brought her back to England. In 2019, she opened The Candle Orchard, a tattoo studio and gallery, located in Bexhill-on-sea, East Sussex, England. She still likes to wander about as much as she can seeking adventure or visiting and becoming acquainted with other artists.

She enjoys all styles of tattooing though has a passion for all symbolic and spiritual tattoos, especially sacred geometry, dotwork and blackwork. She also enjoys all ornamental and floral tattoos as well as animals and patternwork.