All tattoos created by our studio are unique. Our artists will work with you, discuss your ideas, and ultimately create a piece of artwork for you and you only. Please do not ask us to copy another artists work, we will not be able to do that. We can however use any reference material you choose to guide us in creating your unique design.

The first step is to contact the studio and breifly discuss your ideas with us. At this point, if necessary, we can arrange a consultation appointment with your artist either in person or online. Once we have a good idea of what you are after we will book you an appointment and ask for a deposit.

Your artist will then get to work designing your tattoo, it should be ready for your approval 1 week before your appointment, please understand that this is not always possible but we guarentee that you will see your design a minimum of 2 days before.

We look forward to welcoming you to our lovely private studio soon.

The TCO family.